Roof Rippers

Designed to aggressively remove asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and underlayments with ease. Serrated tempered steel blades allow for efficient nail and shingle removal. Serrated blade and skid plate are replaceable for longer tool life. Two sizes make shingle removal easier at any roof pitch.

27.5” Roof RIpper
Part #13830 (4 per master carton )
47.5” Roof Ripper
Part #13831 (4 per master carton )

Replacement Blade (blade and heel)
6 per master carton
Part #13832



Shingle Removers

Ergonomic rugged steel tear-off tools for the removal of asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and underlayments. Vinyl grip handle for improved hand comfort. Teeth are heat tempered for longer life. Four sizes available, choose shorter lengths for hard to reach areas and steep roof pitches.
All Shingle Removers 4 per master carton.


Part #
21-1/2” Shingle Remover
38” Shingle Remover
47-1/2” Shingle Remover
54” Shingle Remover



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